MANGAPAPA SCHOOL - Gisborne, New Zealand

Welcome to Mangapapa...

We are a thriving school in the heart of the community, catering for the needs of our MKids.

Our school is forward thinking and focused on quality teaching and learning.

At Mangapapa School, we want everyone to learn and prosper in an environment where our MKids REACH for the Stars, where learning has no limits!

Our classrooms provide vibrant learning environments and our teaching and support staff have a genuine passion for teaching and learning. We value our learners as individuals, and cater for their strengths and needs. We are a community minded school and our MKids feel they are known and supported by staff and each other. Learners at Mangapapa School feel safe and enjoy the friendly nature of our school. Mangapapa School is a great place for children to learn. We offer a wide range of learning experiences that enable our learners to develop new ideas and attitudes in leadership, academic, cultural and sporting pursuits.

We value open, honest, and clear communication with our learners and their families and welcome your involvement in the school community. Likewise we will be honest with you about your child’s achievement and behaviour. For the sustained success of the school it is essential that families are involved and participate in their children’s learning.

We are proud of our school and Mangapapa School is a school worth being proud of. We are a great school and are pleased that your family has chosen to be part of our successful and highly effective school community.

Paul Sadler (Mangapapa School Principal)

‘The Mangapapa Way’

Our MK Vision

Our MK Learning Values

Eden's speech - 2020


Our MK Curriculum

Please note this is a DRAFT as we are currently redesigning our MK Curriculum.