INTEGRATED INQUIRY Learning @ Mangapapa


At Mangapapa School we utilise Kath Murdoch's Inquiry Learning model and Learning Assets as vehicles for providing powerful teaching and learning opportunities that allow our MKids to wonder and explore their wonderings.

Through termly concepts our MKids are exposed to Big Ideas that allow their learning to take a number of different paths.

Concepts are explored across the curriculum, rather than solely in an isolated 'Inquiry time'.

Our Learning Assets provide our MKids with the skills and attributes that they need to be successful learners here at Mangapapa and in life.

The development of these learning assets allow our MKids to consider how they learn, alongside what they are learning. The Learning Assets support us in our desire to ensure that our MKids have the learning power to know what to do when they don't know what to do!

You can find out more about our REACH values and LEARNING ASSETS by visiting 'Our MK Curriculum' page.