INTEGRATED INQUIRY Learning @ Mangapapa


Integrated Inquiry Learning at Mangapapa School encourages our MKids to look at the world around them and ask questions.  We provide opportunities for our MKids to explore Big Ideas (Knowledge and Understanding) within our termly concepts and then make connections across the NZ Curriculum.  Through Integrated Inquiry Learning we are teaching our MKids about the concepts that we want them to understand; Change, Relationships, Connections, Impact, Sustainability.

Our Learning Assets provide our MKids with the skills and attributes that they need to be successful learners here at Mangapapa and in life.

The development of these learning assets allow our MKids to consider how they learn, alongside what they are learning.  The Learning Assets support us in our desire to ensure that our MKids have the learning power to  know what to do when they don't know what to do!

Here is a snippet of some of our Mangapapa Matariki moments from across Term Two, 2023.

2023 Integrated Inquiry Concepts ~ RELATIONSHIPS!

Term One > One of a Kind! + Matariki         

Term Two > Get your Learn On + Our Place/Our Stories 

Term Three > Our Place/Our Stories continued + It's Kanikani time - just dance!     

Term Four > Play it Safe!  How can we keep ourselves safe?

2024 Integrated Inquiry Concepts ~ IMPACT!  You were born to make an impact!

Term One > GROWing the LEARNer in ME!         

Term Two > It's Trade time! + Matariki - how will you make your Matariki mark?

Term Three > Kaitiakitanga - Can one person/group make a difference? 

Term Four > Feel the Beat!  How can we share a message through music?

You can find out more about our REACH values and LEARNING ASSETS by visiting 'Our MK Curriculum' page.